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Bite Guards/Night Guards

Bite Guards are acrylic (hardened plastic) coverings that protect teeth from damaging each other during periods of grinding or clenching. These guards or "splints" as they are sometimes called, can be worn on the upper or lower teeth, and can be constructed of a hard or soft material. They are usually worn at nighttime, because this is when most people unknowingly grind or clench their teeth. Many patients wake up each morning with headaches or sore jaws. This is often caused by a grinding or clenching motion of the jaws that dentists refer to as: '"Bruxism". Bite guards are easy to wear, and have a high success rate in treating the painful symptoms of bruxism.

Some of the athletes in our practice benefit from a smaller, cushioned 'Sports Guard", which helps to help protect the teeth from impact damage. Certain sports, like soccer, football, hockey and basketball can result in severe damage to perfectly healthy teeth. A custom-fitted sports guard is very comfortable and easy to use while speaking.