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Digital X-Rays

Some major advances have occurred recently in the field of dental radiography. The small, familiar x-rays which have served us well for so many years, are slowly becoming obsolete. So much so, that we no longer use traditional dental x-rays in our practice. New technology has allowed us to "digitize" x-ray images so that we can view them on a computer screen, rather than on a tiny film. This technology affords us several key advantages:

  • Traditional dental x-rays break down over time and tend to lose their quality as they age. Digitsal x-rays are stored in a computer file server, and remain unchanged with time.

  • Digital x-rays can be enhanced in various ways, similar to the way you would enhance a photo taken with a digital camera. The image can be made lighter or darker or manipulated in a number of ways, in order to better help us read the image.

  • Best of all, they require only a small fraction of the already low amount of radiation required for old-fashioned x-rays.